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The Original PhotoBlocks!!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

I am so super excited about this one!

I can not even put into words how freaking much!

I have been wanting and planning this since more than 2 years ago.

Now the day has finally come that I can announce that I will be offering Photo Blocks to all my existing and new clients.


You can now order these beautiful exclusive one of a kind handmade heirlooms of your images when you do a photo session with Dankerlui Photography.

These products are not available anywhere else on the island.



Example of 40CM Round


A wooden block with a printed photo on it. The photo is not printed directly onto the wood, so photographs retain their high quality.

The edges are rounded and smoothed flawlessly for a professionally completed appearance. Each is hand coated with a protection layer, which makes it water and light-resistant. Meaning your heirloom...stays an heirloom. The hand brushed coating gives a viewer the absolute wonder of an entirely hand painted photo of their memories.

They arrive ready to hang flush on the wall and can also stand on their own on your furniture.

This product is 100% handmade with a lot of care and love.


These original Photoblocks are characterized by their breathtakingly beautiful first impression. You will brush fingers across a hand coated finish, immensely rich color, deep contrast, and clarity. Finely finished raw wood will edge your heirloom. Should you be framing your block, an organic frame crafted of natural barn wood will provide a timeless and simple elegance found nowhere else.


Photographs are single-handedly the most precious possession a family can have as a monument to the life of memories they build together. No matter the age or quality of a photo, there is no measure to its worth once the moment it was taken in, has passed. Our Photoblocks provide an indescribable value to every family. Imagine a world where photos were not only passed through the generations but if they were breathtaking for those generations to come? A world where a great granddaughter is able to hold a flawless photo of her family member, long since passed and clearly see that she has her eyes. Photoblocks do much more than uniquely present a current and precious time. They bridge the gap in time for families and pulls them all close, where they belong.

old fashioned craftsmanship

Made with love and care

These Photoblocks come in different shapes and sizes.

You can create beautiful art pieces for your home.

If you have done a session in the past, you can still place orders of those images taken by us.

Contact me and I can explain a little bit more and give you some ideas.

I can even show you how your Photoblocks would look like using your choice of images.

Example of the Three Pack

Example of 40X40 CM

Example of Oval 30X23

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