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Chris & Caroline's Honeymoon in Paradise

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

When Caroline contacted me for information regarding photography for their upcoming honeymoon in Aruba, the first thing I thought was OMG, how are we going to communicate?! this is going to be impossible!

Caroline did not speak or understand a word of English or Spanish, and I don't speak Portuguese.

Luckily we had a bit of help from Google translate!

This saved our lives!! (so to speak haha).

I'm so super glad we worked through the language barrier.

Caroline and Chris are such a fun, loving and beautiful couple!

We had such a great time running from the storm that was following us on the morning of the photo session. You would think it had to be cancelled, but the dark clouds on one side and bright blue sky on the other side was the perfect combination for the most amazing honeymoon portraits.

Not too hot, not too sunny, just perfect.

We even got blessed with a bit of rain, thankfully it was all the way at the end of the session.

I wanted to share this little story to show that sometimes the circumstances don't seem to work to your advantage, the weather might seem a bit scary, you might have to communicate with weird and awkward sign language (lol), and still, just like with everything in life, everything can work out great! Even better than when you think you have things under control.

Sometimes you just have to relax and go with it all.

Beautiful honeymoon couple showing off their wedding rings

Chris and Caroline on the amazing Aruba Eagle Beach

What better than a newly wed kiss on the beach?

professional honeymoon beach photography

amazing honeymoon portrait at the Divi beach Aruba

at the Divi beach Aruba

Honeymoon photography Aruba

Beautiful honeymoon couple portrait in Aruba

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