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Updated: Apr 7, 2019

Hi everyone!

I have been wanting to start a blog for so long now, but for some reason I have been putting it off. My excuses were everything from not knowing how to not knowing what to blog about.

Well since I just started adding gown rentals to my maternity photo sessions I now have something to write about. ( YAAY!)

I kinda wanted to explain why I started this, what the advantages for my clients are, how it works and while at it, figure out how this blogging thing works (lol).

Model: Diana Wever-Salcedo Flower crown: Lyn's Dream shop and props

It all started when I was planning a model call for my promo video. I had a concept, we are surrounded by amazing locations, I had a great videographer, makeup artist, etc. However, I couldn't find the right outfit on the Island, nothing.

There are so many beautiful gowns available in stores abroad, however it would have taken too long to get here.

So I made a gown myself. (image on the left).

I don't have a lot of sewing experience, I attended a fashion academy in the Netherlands very briefly (18 years ago!!), but I still had my old sewing machine at home.

It turned out to be perfect for the session and for the style I had in mind.

Model: Diana Wever-Salcedo

Flower crown: Lyn's Dream shop & props

This experience already had me thinking.....

What do all the moms on Aruba that want to do a professional maternity photo session do about this? They would have to plan well in advance to order something and hope it arrives in time.

Or they have to make a gown. The variety of fabrics here are unfortunately very limited.

Model: Joan Katherine Brito - Flower crown: Lyn's Dream shop and props

Then I decided to make another gown style, because I had some free time and wanted to experiment a bit. (this was of course before my second kid!)

Again I was pleased with the outcome and I asked my beautiful friend Joan who happened to be pregnant at the time to model for me to try out the dress.(Image to the right)

I also had a collection of flower crowns which I now make exclusively for my sessions and for two of my photographer friends.

They soo completed the whole look.

By the way this was such a fun session struggling with the north shore wind and that train. Thankfully her partner Chris was there to assist.

Model: Joan Katherine Brito

Flower Crown: Lyn's Dream Shop & Props

So by then I started to get a taste of how it would be to have the styling of my maternity photo sessions in my hands. And I liked it, I really really did.

I started looking at some outfits online and slowly began creating my collection of maternity gowns by purchasing some dresses from different companies like for example Sew Trendy accessories (the first dress I bought).

Now I have a growing collection of 20 dresses from which my clients can choose from.

My beautiful mama clients will benefit a lot by renting one of my maternity gowns as an add on to one of my Maternity Photo packages.

1. I have great taste!! So I only own and acquire beautiful dresses that I am sure will look and photograph well.

2. I will help you choose the right dress that will compliment your natural beauty and will look great with the background or location.

3. Maternity gowns for photography are expensive, at least the good ones are. By renting one (or two) of mine, you will only be spending a fraction of the cost of a dress you will only be using once anyway.

So, If you are booking a Maternity session with Dankerlui Photography, make sure to ask to see the collection of gowns, Let me know if you are interested in renting one (or two) and make an appointment for a fitting.

On the day of your session I will be there with your gown(s) cleaned, steamed and ready to shoot.

Send me an email to request my pricing guide!



Model: Jaidi Gomez-Baten

My own maternity session. Model: Melyn Dankerlui

Maternity Portrait. Model: Monette Everett

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