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Aruba couple portrait session

Hi there,

I know it's been a while since I posted any blogs.

Well, we had the whole pandemic thing that happened, our island was closed for a bit and now we are fully open and busy busy busy.

I feel blessed to be a professional photographer living on this amazing island.

With that being said, I'm not taking anything or any moment for granted anymore.

Today I want to share a couple session that I did a last year.

Meet Daniele and Gregory

I'm so happy Daniele and Gregory reached out to me to do their portrait session while they were visiting Aruba.

They were so much fun to work with.

Keeping it fun and natural

I want to capture the interaction and connection between two people when doing a couple session. This is why I always try to keep it casual, fun, simple and natural.

I always try to guide some poses that will look natural, but also combined with some candid shots.

My first goal is that they will feel comfortable and have fun. my second goal which will then come naturally is capturing some awesome images that would look amazing on your walls.

When should you do a couple portrait session?


You don't need an excuse to document your love. No special occasion needed.

Just contact me and we will set up a date.

Life is short, let's create some memories.

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