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The Studio Maternity Experience 

portrait sessions

If you found your way to this page, congratulations! It means you are  experiencing one of the most important, special and meaningful times in your life. Maybe you're about to become a first time mommy or welcoming another precious member to your family. All pregnancies are different and precious on their one. Each of them are worth documenting.

Photographs, like memories and stories, are part of our legacy. We hold them close, we pass them down. It's a gift to be able to share visual moments, details, people, places and things to those we love, so they too can feel a little bit of the joy we feel when we reflect on those times

I hope I could have the honor to be the photographer that can help  create part of that legacy for you.


Why a maternity portrait session?

If you are expecting, Congratulations!!

There is nothing more beautiful than creating new life.

A great way of being able to look back on this wonderful and unique time is to do a maternity photo session by a professional photographer.

For me it gives me so much joy, when my little one looks at my maternity portrait hanging on the wall and he knows he was in there and he was loved before even being born.

Why a Studio Session?

This is just a personal preference.

Personally I like both studio and outdoor sessions.

One of the main reasons some of my clients prefer a studio sessions if because of Aruba's strong winds and high temperatures.

Hair and makeup are more manageable indoors.

Some clients just prefer the esthetics of an indoor studio session.

But you can't go wrong with either one.


Why is choosing me as your maternity photographer a good idea ?

First of all I fully understand and value the importance of love and motherhood.

My goal would always be to try and capture your true essence. I want to deliver portraits of you being your wonderful self, showing the unique glow that is visible during pregnancy.

This is where my 15+ years of experience comes in handy.

For me the way I make you feel and experience your session is as important than the actual final results.

I will guide you to get some very relaxed and natural looking poses.

Your session will be held in my spacious and comfortable studio.

Where you can relax, have something to drink and some nice conversations before, during and after your session. I will try to make it a nice experience for you and will never make you feel rushed.

I have Amazing setup choices for your dream session.

Also, I have the biggest collection of maternity gowns on the island!

Take a look at the maternity gowns available to use during your session with us on below link.

Maternity Client Closet












When to do a Maternity session?

My recommended  time to do the session is between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Preferably around 30-31 weeks. 

I will take last minutes bookings after 32 weeks, however to book in advance the max will be 32 weeks.

I don't recommend booking your session for after 32 weeks because the chance that you will feel uncomfortable during your session is bigger, and I want to capture the part of your pregnancy when you are still feeling fit and beautiful. I know all pregnancies can be different, so just contact me and we will discuss when will be the best time for you.

*when booking, a non refundable US$100 booking retainer will be required within 3 days to confirm your booking

Balance shall be paid at the latest on the session day

(Cash or online transfer option for local residents)

An in Studio makeup session can be added for US$80


Hover or click on the circle image for details

Package inclusions: * up to 1.5 hours of studio time * up to 30 minutes pre session consultation/fitting * 2 high end outfits from my client closet * 2 Backdrop/Setups * ...
The Ultimate Studio Maternity Experience
1 hr 30 min
Package inclusions: * up to 45 minutes of studio time * up to 30 minutes pre session consultation/fitting * 1 high end outfits from my client closet * 1 Backdrop/Setups *...
Studio Maternity Experience
45 min

Prices are subject to change

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