My easy way to make cold brew coffee

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I posted anything on here.

It's been a bit busy and my son was on vacation, so no me time whatsoever.

I know for a lot of you out there the summer is ending and you are ready to swap your lemonades and mojitos for some hot cocoa and tea, however here in Aruba it's always summer, so I will be sharing my easy and inexpensive way I've been making my cold brew coffee for when I don't feel like having a hot drink but still need my caffeine fix.

So first of all, these are the things you will be needing.

1. A simple mason jar.

Any type of jar or bottle that closes will do. I just happen to use a mason jar.

The size depends on how much cold brew coffee you would like to make. In this case I am using one that can make about 2 cups.

2. A french press coffee maker.

You can use any type.

I got mine at Ikea for about $8.

Again the size depends on the amount of coffee you'd like to make.

These are also available at most Starbucks

3. Last but not least (actually most important),

Your favorite ground coffee.

Personally I'm not super picky about what coffee I use. It's usually whatever I have at home at the moment, nothing special. ( I like Matiz, Oma, Illy, Puro, etc).

The 3 easy steps

1. Add about 2 scoops of your choice of ground coffee to the jar. About one scoop per cup.

*Optional: Add sugar or sweetener to taste.

Adding sugar when your cold brew coffee is ready will be a bit challenging since it doesn't really dissolve. You could add simple syrup, agave or honey.

2. Add room temperature water, close lid, shake well and refrigerate for about 24 hours for best result and great full flavor.

3.Your cold brew coffee is now ready!

Just slowly pour it into your french press,

Filter and add some ice.


Enjoy responsibly with a reusable straw, or no straw at all.

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