Are you a whipped cream lover??

Okay, so as you may or may not know, I'm a coffee and food lover.

I'm always trying out new places and new menu items at places I already know.

I have a few favorite coffee spots on the island where I enjoy the combination of good coffee, great ambiance and where a good variety of desserts and snacks is present.

To mention a few on my favorites list:

Antesala Cafe

Craft coffee and bar

Santos coffee with soul

Zona simple cafe

Whenever I have some free time, which happens very rarely, I go to one of these places and indulge in a cup of coffee, iced latte of frozen coffee drink (depending on my mood).

Last week I happened to be close to Santos when visiting a relative at the hospital, so I decided to take advantage of the proximity and went in for something sweet.

I decided to try their salted caramel frozen coffee.....

Boy, that did not disappoint!!!

I was so surprised, and not by the drink itself. It was the whipped cream!!

That heavenly, firm, creamy, smooth and silky texture of a full bodied whipped cream like I'd never ever tasted before.

With whipped cream like this, who needs ice cream?

First thing I did when I finished my drink and was a little sad it was gone, was ask what whipped cream they use, and of course it's not something I can buy in the supermarket and have at home.

They explained to me it's a mixture they have to prepare themselves.

So from now on, every time I crave that little piece of heaven I will have to visit again.

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