A cute little Break from reality

Zona Simple Cafe

Yesterday in between a photo session and picking up my toddler from school, I stopped by a new little coffee place to catch my breath and try to enjoy some me time. I don't usually get any of that so to me it is something very special and precious.

I was so happy I choose this place after I saw someone mentioning it on Facebook.

It is conveniently located at Tanki leendert on the main road and was on my way.

This place is so adorable, small and cozy with a nice and rustic decor.

I was quickly greeted and handed a menu by a friendly lady.

I was in the mood for something sweet and was thirsty after working outside in the heat. So I decided on a caramel frappuccino which at this place only costs about Afl.5 !! That was a pleasant surprise.

Then I saw that they have churros Yum!! Coffee and churros, the perfect pairing if you have a sweet tooth.

They have regular churros and bite sized churros which I went for. You can choose your dip of , I choose Caramel.

Caramel Frappuccino

My Drink and my churros were delicious, I really enjoyed them.

The service was quick and pleasant.

after that little break I was ready to continue my busy day with that little boost of caffeine and sugar.

Next time I'm going there I'll be dragging along my 2 other photography girls hihi.

Can't wait!

Churro bites with caramel dip


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