Prints introduction special

Having tangible final products from your portrait session is more important and special than people might think. 

having only digitals floating around on social media and on your computer hard drive that might stop working someday just isn't enough.

By printing some of your favorite images from your session you are making sure you will have these memories forever.

Studies have shown that having family portraits and pictures of your kids hanging in your home can boost a child's self esteem. They have a visual of their place in the family. Isn't this great?

This year we will have some products available for our clients.

The first ones we are introducing are the Round canvas hoops.

These are beautiful, amazing quality canvas prints framed in round wooden hoops.

We are offering different sizes great for your home, office, or to give out as unique thoughtful presents.

These products are printed and framed locally for a quick turnaround time.

See below for our special introductory prices.


25 cm round Canvas

Afl. 125

NOW Afl.100

IMG_1421 copy.jpg

30 cm round Canvas


NOW Afl.104

30X51 cm oval Canvas


NOW Afl.144

IMG_1421 copy.jpg

10 cm round Canvas

4 piece set      Afl. 150 

NOW Afl.120  

IMG_1421 copy.jpg

35 cm round Canvas


NOW Afl.112


45 cm round Canvas


NOW Afl.160

60 cm round Canvas


NOW Afl.224